Just Another Muse (fixeus) wrote in dbatesnailstyle,
Just Another Muse

Greetings All

~Name: Sarah

~Age/Birthday/Sign: 18, 05 June, Gemini

~Location: Tampa, FL [located 15 mins from lovely MacDill AirForce Base...]

~Interests/Passions: marine biology, environment, sports, rock music, literature, Shakespeare, swimming, scuba, hockey, sleep, photography, etc...

~Musical Preferences/Favorite bands: rock music. favorite bands as of late, incubus, seether, death cab for cutie, guster, dashboard, bowling for soup. definately feeling green day's new single "american idiot".

~Book/Novel Preferences: classical literature. also, kurt vonnegut jr. I loved Slaughterhouse 5 and I can't wait to go read more. I love Shakespeare as well.

~Movie Preferences: anything but scary movies. how would you classify a movie like "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"? I like those movies too.

~Preference of penpal (sex/locations): anyone to talk to me!

~What you hope to exchange: words? Ideas...? I don't know.

~What you want to debate: anything. pick something and I'll debate you on it

~More info about you: I'm a college sophmore studying Marince Science and Biology. Sorry in advance if I say something stupid and offend or upset you, but thats part of the debate process, eh?
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